The G-Spot Lounge

Join us in the Gillespie’s Speakeasy Lounge every FRIDAY AND SATURDAY night for Craft Cocktails made with local ingredients.

Hungry? We offer locally made savoury pies, desserts, charcuterie and cheese plates and bar snacks.

Winter Lounge offerings

Caliente Moscow Mule – $9
Gastown Shine Vodka – Ginger Beer- Lime – Chili Lime Shrub
Drink that put Smirnoff on the map, with our own little twist.

Gin Basil Smash – $11
Sin Gin – Cherry Tomatoes – Basil – Lemon – Soda
A twist on a mojito. Savoury yet slightly sweet. Balanced and refreshing.

Strawberry Fields – $11
Sin Gin – Housemade Strawberry Syrup – Lillet – Fino Sherry – Angostura Bitters –Aged Balsamic Vinegar
A Gillespie`s Boozewitch original. Complex and tasty.

Kalamansi Sour – $11
Sin Gin – Frostbites Kalamansi Syrup – Lemon – Simple Syrup – Egg White -Kumquat
An original. Refreshing and smooth.

Aphro Rum Old Fashioned – $11
Aphro – Havana Club 7 year old – Sugar cube – Angostura Bitters – Orange
Hailing back to the early 19th century. You could say that this is one of the founding cocktails of modern mixology. Many versions exist.

Vesper – $11
Sin Gin – Gastown Shine – Lillet – Lemon Twist
Mentioned in Ian Flemming`s Casino Royale. This is a smooth, crisp martini cocktail.

Negroni – $11
Sin Gin – Campari – Red Vermouth
The drink`s origins are unknown, but it is widely reported that it was first mixed in Florence in 1919.

Smoky Gibson – $10
Sin Gin – White Vermouth – Mezcal Rinse – Pickled Onion
Attributed to Dana Gibson of The Player`s Club NYC 1908. A great twist on a classic gin martini. We add a little mezal to ours for a little je ne sais quoi.

Lady Grey Sour – $11
Sin Gin infused with Lucas Earl Grey – Lemon – Egg White – Simple Syrup
I love sours. Don`t be put off by the egg white. This is a really tasty cocktail.

Tamarind Martini – $10
Tamarind infused Gastown Shine – Lemon – Simple Syrup – Tajine Rim
Yum! From my days at La Mezcaleria. Fresh, fruity, tangy.

White Tiger – $12
Gastown Shine – Coconut Milk – Lucas Cherry Rose Green – Housemade Apricot Syrup
Gillespie`s original. Tea cocktails are fun and tasty. Just like this one.

Rosemary Gimlet – $12
Rosemary infused Sin Gin – Cointreau – Lime – Simple Syrup
The Keefer Bar in Vancouver makes a delicious version. Try it when you`re there and report back!

Mexican Mango Mamba – $13
Aphro – Pierde Almas Mezal – Mango Juice – Cardamom Syrup
Complex, fruit forward, smoky with a kick. Another Gillespie`s Boozewitch Original.

Agave at Brunch – $12
Lemoncello – el Jimador Silver – Berry Puree – Lime – Serrano Syrup
Gillespie`s original. Showing our love for Mexico. No walls!

Banana Boat – $13
V-Twin – Single Malt – Drambuie – Banana Yogurt – Housemade Black Pepper Syrup
Try something new! You will not be disappointed.

Corpse Reviver – $12
Sin Gin – Cointreau – Lillet – Lemon – Simple Syrup- Absinthe Rinse
One of a series of Hair of the Dog cocktails. Pre-prohibition era

The Horny Russian – $11
Gastown Shine – Kahlua – Aphro – Burlesque Bitters
A house twist on the classic. More structure.

Balsamic Berry – $11
Gastown Shine – Aged Balsamic Vinegar – Crushed Berries – Sugar – Lime – Soda
Twist on a classic mojito with a little zing.

Gillespie’s Pimms Cup – $11
Sin Gin – Pimms – Cucumber – Lime – Ginger Beer – Orange – Brown Simple Syrup
The classic with a kicked up a smidge.

Gigi – $11
Gastown Shine – Cassis – Coconut Rum – Cointreau – Pineapple
A throwback from the mid-nineties. Named after its designer- a man named Gigi.

Martinez – $11
V-Twin Rye Vodka – Maraschino – Sweet Vermouth
A classic. Also a serious drink. Try it if you like Manhattans and Negronis. Dating all the way back to 1884.

Hotel Georgia – $11
Sin Gin- Egg White – Lemon – Housemade Orgeat – Nutmeg
Designed by my old friend Brad Stanton. Go see him sometime at Prohibition at Hotel Georgia. He is a wiz.

Last Word – $13
Sin Gin – Chartreuese – Maraschino – Lime Juice – Simple Syrup
Prohibition era cocktail from the Detroit Athletic Club. My favourite drink. It really is the Last Word. Worth every penny.