The Squamish G Spot. Have you found it yet?

Our award winning Speakeasy style cocktail bar welcomes you every Wednesday through Sunday nights. This hidden gem known locally as the Squamish G Spot, serves craft cocktails with the finest and freshest ingredients focused primarily on our spirits.

Linger over a Ramos Gin Fizz and a charcuterie platter. Knock back a few Caliente Moscow Mules at Happy Hour with some complimentary salty snacks. Enjoy a night cap of a smoked Aphro Old Fashioned or Boozewitch original Strawberry Fields.

Step back in time and into the sublime. We await you.


Happy Hour

Every Friday and Saturday  5pm - 7pm

Cheap Drinks and Salty Snacks


Saturday Evening

Guest DJ's - Ask About Our Line Up


Winter Lounge offerings

Caliente Moscow Mule – $9
Gastown Shine Vodka – Ginger Beer- Lime – Chili Lime Shrub
Drink that put Smirnoff on the map, with our own little twist.

Gin Basil Smash – $11
Sin Gin – Cherry Tomatoes – Basil – Lemon – Soda
A twist on a mojito. Savoury yet slightly sweet. Balanced and refreshing.

Strawberry Fields – $11
Sin Gin – Housemade Strawberry Syrup – Lillet – Fino Sherry – Angostura Bitters –Aged Balsamic Vinegar
A Gillespie`s Boozewitch original. Complex and tasty.

Kalamansi Sour – $11
Sin Gin – Frostbites Kalamansi Syrup – Lemon – Simple Syrup – Egg White -Kumquat
An original. Refreshing and smooth.

Aphro Rum Old Fashioned – $11
Aphro – Havana Club 7 year old – Sugar cube – Angostura Bitters – Orange
Hailing back to the early 19th century. You could say that this is one of the founding cocktails of modern mixology. Many versions exist.

Vesper – $11
Sin Gin – Gastown Shine – Lillet – Lemon Twist
Mentioned in Ian Flemming`s Casino Royale. This is a smooth, crisp martini cocktail.

Negroni – $11
Sin Gin – Campari – Red Vermouth
The drink`s origins are unknown, but it is widely reported that it was first mixed in Florence in 1919.

Smoky Gibson – $10
Sin Gin – White Vermouth – Mezcal Rinse – Pickled Onion
Attributed to Dana Gibson of The Player`s Club NYC 1908. A great twist on a classic gin martini. We add a little mezal to ours for a little je ne sais quoi.

Lady Grey Sour – $11
Sin Gin infused with Lucas Earl Grey – Lemon – Egg White – Simple Syrup
I love sours. Don`t be put off by the egg white. This is a really tasty cocktail.

Tamarind Martini – $10
Tamarind infused Gastown Shine – Lemon – Simple Syrup – Tajine Rim
Yum! From my days at La Mezcaleria. Fresh, fruity, tangy.

White Tiger – $12
Gastown Shine – Coconut Milk – Lucas Cherry Rose Green – Housemade Apricot Syrup
Gillespie`s original. Tea cocktails are fun and tasty. Just like this one.

Rosemary Gimlet – $12
Rosemary infused Sin Gin – Cointreau – Lime – Simple Syrup
The Keefer Bar in Vancouver makes a delicious version. Try it when you`re there and report back!

Mexican Mango Mamba – $13
Aphro – Pierde Almas Mezal – Mango Juice – Cardamom Syrup
Complex, fruit forward, smoky with a kick. Another Gillespie`s Boozewitch Original.

Agave at Brunch – $12
Lemoncello – el Jimador Silver – Berry Puree – Lime – Serrano Syrup
Gillespie`s original. Showing our love for Mexico. No walls!

Banana Boat – $13
V-Twin – Single Malt – Drambuie – Banana Yogurt – Housemade Black Pepper Syrup
Try something new! You will not be disappointed.

Corpse Reviver – $12
Sin Gin – Cointreau – Lillet – Lemon – Simple Syrup- Absinthe Rinse
One of a series of Hair of the Dog cocktails. Pre-prohibition era

The Horny Russian – $11
Gastown Shine – Kahlua – Aphro – Burlesque Bitters
A house twist on the classic. More structure.

Balsamic Berry – $11
Gastown Shine – Aged Balsamic Vinegar – Crushed Berries – Sugar – Lime – Soda
Twist on a classic mojito with a little zing.

Gillespie’s Pimms Cup – $11
Sin Gin – Pimms – Cucumber – Lime – Ginger Beer – Orange – Brown Simple Syrup
The classic with a kicked up a smidge.

Gigi – $11
Gastown Shine – Cassis – Coconut Rum – Cointreau – Pineapple
A throwback from the mid-nineties. Named after its designer- a man named Gigi.

Martinez – $11
V-Twin Rye Vodka – Maraschino – Sweet Vermouth
A classic. Also a serious drink. Try it if you like Manhattans and Negronis. Dating all the way back to 1884.

Hotel Georgia – $11
Sin Gin- Egg White – Lemon – Housemade Orgeat – Nutmeg
Designed by my old friend Brad Stanton. Go see him sometime at Prohibition at Hotel Georgia. He is a wiz.

Last Word – $13
Sin Gin – Chartreuese – Maraschino – Lime Juice – Simple Syrup
Prohibition era cocktail from the Detroit Athletic Club. My favourite drink. It really is the Last Word. Worth every penny.