Gillespie’s Clover club

2 oz Gillespie’s Raspberry Gin

Egg White

Juice of half a lemon

1/2 ounce of simple syrup

Shake dry. Shake wet. Strain into a chilled coupe


Raspberry Gin Fizz

2 ounces Gillespie’s Raspberry Gin

Juice of half a lime or lemon


Build into a Collins glass. Garnish with Green Herbs and Red Fruits

Rosie 75

1 ounce Gillespie’s Raspberry Gin


Build in a Champagne flute. Float with fresh or frozen raspberries and pomegranate seeds


GILLESPIE’S VODKA RECIPES (Gastown Shine, Sea to Sky or Vtwin)

Moscow Mule

2 oz Gillespie’s Vodka

Squeeze of half a lime

Top with Bullshead Ginger beer

Build in a rocks glass or copper mug


Vodka Soda Shrub

2 oz Gillespie’s Vodka


Boozewitch Shrub 

Build in a rocks or highball glass with your favourite Boozewittch Shrub  


(Mentioned by Ian Fleming in Casino Royale)

Equal parts Gillespie’s Sin Gin, Gillespie’s Vodka and Lillet.

Mix and strain into a martini glass.

Garnish with a lemon zest.



Blue Lemonade

2 oz Gillespie’s Lemoncello

1 oz Boozewitch Blueberry Lime Shrub

Top with Soda

Build in a highball glass and garnish with fresh or frozen blueberries. Can be substituted with Boozewitch Strawberry Black Pepper Shrub and fresh or frozen Strawberries


1 ½ oz Gillespie’s Lemoncello

Top with Prosecco

Build in a flute. Add pomegranate seeds.



1 ½ oz Gillespie’s Vodka

1 ½ oz Gillespie’s Lemoncello

Stir and serve

Garnish with a thin lemon wheel



Classic Gin and Tonic

2 oz Gillespie’s Sin Gin 

Good quality tonic water or soda and concentrate. Boozewitch Tonic Syrups coming Spring/summer 2018

Build in a well iced rocks glass or highball.

Garnish to perfection! Orange slice, cucumber, star anise, pink peppercorns, olives… Use your imagination



Mix equal parts Gillespie’s Sin Gin, Campari, Red Vermouth

Pour into a rocks glass over ice

Add a large, fresh orange twist

Experiment with different quantities and red vermouth to mix your perfect Negroni

We have barrels available for cocktail aging if you want to make it really interesting!


Elderflower Sour

2 ounces Gillespie’s Sin Gin

1/2 ounce Boozewitch Elderflower Elixir

Barspoon Boozewitch Peach Lavender shrub

Juice of half a lemon

1 Egg White. 

Shake it dry. Shake it wet. Strain into a chilled coupe. Garnish with edible flowers if you’re feeling extra fancy!