The Cask Project

They say that every spirit has a story. Would you like to be involved with the telling of yours?
People are borderline religious when it comes to whiskey. Join us as we delve deep into this heavily steeped tradition. We invite you or your group of friends and family to join us on this fun and unique experience by purchasing one of our newly arrived 5 gallon barrels and beginning your journey into the heart of whiskey production.

The barrels have come straight from Kentucky. They are new oak with heavy char.
You will be involved in important steps along the way to crafting a unique spirit.

Here's How it Works:

Choose your own mash bill: do you prefer a Scotch, Bourbon or Traditional Canadian Rye style whiskey

Attend an evening workshop with Head Distiller/Scotsman John McLellan on the history and lore of whiskey

Be involved in some of Gillespie’s trade secret steps to creating a perfect whiskey such as: Pitching the mash, witnessing distillation, making cuts (which highly determines the final taste and profile of your product), when to bottle, and the strength of your bottled spirit

Your whiskey will be date stamped and feature your name. It will sit to age at Gillespie’s; you will be invited to come taste it at the 6 month, 1 year, 18 months, 2 years, 3 years and beyond.

You are welcome to request the bottling of your whiskey anytime after 3 years and it can be left to cask with us for up to 5.

Custom labelling is available with some restrictions.

Whiskey on site is insured so no risk to your investment.

Yield per barrel is approximately 25 bottles at 62%, cask strength or 38 bottles at 40%

**Very limited quantity of barrels available.

**Limit of 10 people per barrel buy in.